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Originally founded in 2004 by two childhood friends and now friendly competitors as the “Fallen Linemen Fund Raiser”.  The primary focus was and still is to provide financial support to electric utility linemen injured while on the job and/or supporting organizations and institutions. Since its creation the organization has obtained its 501-3C status and has been renamed the “Fallen Linemen Foundation”.

Logo Symbolism:
Within the logo there are the letters “FL” honoring all our fallen linemen.  Embedded within the diamond shape you will notice a white line that if followed never ends symbolizing the Foundation's never ending support of the Fallen Linemen.  The logo's shape is a diamond which is representative of our donors that have made all this possible.  The logo’s color is our way of linking the Foundation to NC Jaycee Burn Center located within UNC Hospital as a thank you for all they do in caring for the Fallen Linemen and all burn victims.  Fallen Linemen Foundation Brochure : Click for Download